From Sao Paulo to Brooklyn, NY


Stay one month with an American Family was the best deal I did. Even more that my Hostfamily was wonderful with me. They were considerate, friendly and concerned. I can say that my English improved a lot because they helped me and I talked a lot with the family. The house is beautiful, comfortable and clean. I had an enjoyable time with them.

Thanks Just Homestay for everything you guys did for me. I hope to come back soon!


Dare to try the unknown… NYC is ready for you!

This weekend was fantastic and full of great surprises!

 On Saturday morning we went to get groceries to cook lunch… since I saw Seemant and Amir talking in the living room I asked if we could cook Indian food (since Seemant is from India) and I love food, why not have a homemade Indian dish? Right on!
Our family loves Lamb, (and that was on sale too…even better!)  and of course Seemant picked the spices that I never heard of, I also wanted Saag paneer which we are obsessed about. Amir (from Italy joined us) I suggested to him to get some stuff for bruschetta as an appetizer) .

We came home, and the bonanza started… Seemant was the super chef of the day and showed us how he prepares the lamb and Saag paneer….I wouldn’t have thought to cook the way he was directing me to, (super secret, can’t tell). In the meantime Amir was preparing the bruschetta (which I learned how to pronounce in Italian!)  and even grandma was chopping the onions to  help the feast.  I cooked the rice “Brazilian style” (which is not done by the rice cooker); Vu( from Vietnam) prepared a delicous dessert made of beans and coconut cream.  A few hours later we all sat around the table and made sure Mr. Jones (was happy eating a homemade Indian dish).  

This was a great way of getting everybody together and enjoying a simple pleasure.  We shared a meal, a family lunch, and taught each other new recipes. This is Justhomestay experience! Can’t wait to do it again!!!

Ps: the best part is to have the left overs for the next day lol. I’m Wilka Jones, thanks for supporting Just Homestay!

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A few spots to check it out in NYC…

NYC “the city that never sleeps” is open to have one more visitor regardless of your length of stay (minimum 2 weeks for JustHomestay students). If your goal is to come to NY to learn English this is a very rewarding and friendly city.  You can make friends very easily and find lots of interesting things to do and learn.

One of my favorite things to do is to walk in Central Park.  I try to do this as much as I can. The last time I went to Central park I remember sipping coffee and seeing people walking their dogs, running, biking, taking pictures, playing on the lawn, and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.   I highly recommend visiting one of NYCs’ many parks and and famous sites.    It can be great learning experience and exercise (if you like to walk like me). Besides the great ambiance of Central  park, you have a zoo, rose  garden, a few lakes  and museums. – I went to the zoo last year with my darling friend visiting from Maryland (Laura) and was so excited to see the Polar bears!!!  Visiting Central Park and other parks in NYC can be a full day activity and great exercise.

Another great spot is Chelsea; there are great restaurants, coffee shops and an exciting nightlife. The last time I went to Chelsea, I took two ladies (Juliana and Daniela) from Brazil and we had a lovely dinner in a Thai restaurant, got flowers to bring back home, and Wine for Juliana’s dad in Brazil as a souvenir. It was fun!

Of course that along with a long walk along Fifth Ave and Times Square the days can be long…but excitement and energy you must keep it up at all times.

I’m Wilka Jones, and welcome to Just Homestay blog.

Wilka Jones
Wilka Jones