Worldwide Students in New York City!


New York is most certainly a unique city that attracts people from many different cultures and languages. Today I will share with you some of #JustHomestay students background.

First and foremost We appreciate ALL of you that have used our services and/or will trust #JustHomestay during your visit to the Big Apple.

South American students – they are the ones looking for shopping, party “every weekend”, sightseeing as much as they can and learn English if there’s no other way 🙂 We have hosted probably around 30 Brazilian students and they do go back to Brazil and become very successful… which it does make me feel great because I did help them to get better on their English abilities and to navigate in a big city like NY.

Middle Eastern students – very focused on learning but also exploring a different culture which most cases, they love the Freedom that the US offers. For instance, We have had students that were We were able to maintain our long lost friendship even when they are back in Saudi Arabia. #JustHomestay have hosted about 10 Saudi students. We are proud to mention that one of our Saudi students was recently accepted to a Master at Georgetown University in DC (Congrats!).

Asian students – the most dedicated student to learn English ever! Their routine is school-home-school at all times! Very dedicated and focused like no other.They are very respectful and quiet. Love to cook their own food and study English is really their focus. #JustHomestay is proud to have assisted a Korean student that is currently a Permanent Resident in Canada!

European students – like to explore the city on their own, usually enjoy interacting with different students. They come to NY quite often and they have a game plan in mind – either for an Internship and/or to College studies.

As a Host Family Director I have been exposed to quiet a few cultures which it can help to understand the expectations and make sure Just Homestay provides a quality service and assistance in many youngster’s life.

What will your history be? Join us!

I’m Wilka Jones ( and thanks for reading!


From Sao Paulo to Brooklyn, NY


Stay one month with an American Family was the best deal I did. Even more that my Hostfamily was wonderful with me. They were considerate, friendly and concerned. I can say that my English improved a lot because they helped me and I talked a lot with the family. The house is beautiful, comfortable and clean. I had an enjoyable time with them.

Thanks Just Homestay for everything you guys did for me. I hope to come back soon!


Hello everyone!

My name is Seemant. I travelled 8,000 miles, all the way from India, to fulfill my dreams for the experience NYC has to offer.

If life is all about experiencing things, then what place could be better than New York City – the city fueling dreams, passion, hopes, and opportunities. I was fortunate enough to get into school in Seattle, WA and then moved to NYC for future endeavors and, of course, a competitive career in fashion. When I got my ticket for NYC, I was excited, thrilled, and my expectations were at their peak. I didn’t know what I was going to do or where I was going to live, but I knew NYC had a lot to offer, so I checked lot of places online to make it home.
While surfing, I found the website Just ( I also checked them out on Facebook ( After checking out all those fun pictures and services they offer, I was certain in my decision, and sent them an email (

Finally, I was in NYC and in my new hostfamily that “Just Homestay” provided. The place seemed very homely and I got to meet people from different backgrounds, from different parts of the world who were already living there. My Hostfamily provided me the paper consisting of rules and regulations. I must tell you, it was a decent deal and I had no problem abiding to them. Justice is very understanding and always down to help and fulfill our needs. I had my own room with all basic amenities. I also had an opportunity to share the roof with some fabulous people and amazing souls. Very soon, we all become good friends and had amazing experience exploring the city together. This city is huge and you might feel lonely in this crowded city, but I was fortunately, living in such a place where I always had someone to talk to, share things with, and play video games with. We cooked together, ate together, celebrated occasions together, and shared our cultures with each other. I got to learn a lot about different cultured people from different parts of world such as Brazil, Germany, South America, Italy, Ireland, Japan, China and Vietnam.

Very soon, I got internships in Times Square, the most happening place in NYC. I was happy that I didn’t have to commute for long hours because there are subways and a Metro North train service within a walking distance of the Just Homestay house. It took me less than 30 minutes to get to my work. I was lucky enough that my Hostfamily would take me out to explore the city and help you in every possible way. I must tell you that the service I have been offered from Just Homestay has been amazing and I couldn’t imagine living in a better place. There are shopping centers, super markets, and groceries stores all within walking distance. Moreover, there is a gym nearby and a beautiful park for a morning walk or a quick jog. I had the time of my life there and I got to make some great friends and very soon the place become my home away from home.

Apartment hunting can be very tedious and tiring in this big, expensive city and requires lot of never-ending paper work. Just Homestay requires very little paperwork, except for a basic ID check, as they understand the situations of international people who have recently migrated, and are willing to help everyone out there. I would say if you are looking for affordable, clean, easy to commute and fun place to stay in New York City, then Just Homestay is your destiny. If you are curious and planning to visit New York City then I would highly recommend you to contact them. Book your room today and end your endless search!


Missouri is in the house.

My name is Tyler Frahm, and I’m a recent graduate from the University of Missouri with a degree focusing in Communications. I found Just Homestay as I was looking for jobs in my field in an area where I knew there would be a lot of opportunities, not to mention living somewhere affordable. And Just Homestay is exactly that: an affordable, amazing place to stay while you work or study in New York.

There’s almost always somebody else in the house, so you’ll always have someone to talk to or do things with. And there are people from all over the world, so you’ll always have an opportunity to learn about another person and get some insight into their culture. The host family is great, and offer advice from years of experience living in New York. Even people who have moved out of the house come back to visit for holidays, so you’re sure to make life-long friends when you stay here.

In my time here (about 3 weeks), I’ve lived with people from Italy, Brazil, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and even from the United States – I’m honored to say they all feel like family to me already.

Cheers! See you soon.

Thank you for reading.