Worldwide Students in New York City!


New York is most certainly a unique city that attracts people from many different cultures and languages. Today I will share with you some of #JustHomestay students background.

First and foremost We appreciate ALL of you that have used our services and/or will trust #JustHomestay during your visit to the Big Apple.

South American students – they are the ones looking for shopping, party “every weekend”, sightseeing as much as they can and learn English if there’s no other way 🙂 We have hosted probably around 30 Brazilian students and they do go back to Brazil and become very successful… which it does make me feel great because I did help them to get better on their English abilities and to navigate in a big city like NY.

Middle Eastern students – very focused on learning but also exploring a different culture which most cases, they love the Freedom that the US offers. For instance, We have had students that were We were able to maintain our long lost friendship even when they are back in Saudi Arabia. #JustHomestay have hosted about 10 Saudi students. We are proud to mention that one of our Saudi students was recently accepted to a Master at Georgetown University in DC (Congrats!).

Asian students – the most dedicated student to learn English ever! Their routine is school-home-school at all times! Very dedicated and focused like no other.They are very respectful and quiet. Love to cook their own food and study English is really their focus. #JustHomestay is proud to have assisted a Korean student that is currently a Permanent Resident in Canada!

European students – like to explore the city on their own, usually enjoy interacting with different students. They come to NY quite often and they have a game plan in mind – either for an Internship and/or to College studies.

As a Host Family Director I have been exposed to quiet a few cultures which it can help to understand the expectations and make sure Just Homestay provides a quality service and assistance in many youngster’s life.

What will your history be? Join us!

I’m Wilka Jones ( and thanks for reading!


One thought on “Worldwide Students in New York City!

  1. Very interesting! In the future I am planning a visit to NYC with my partner a I sure will talk to you. Congrats!

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