Japanese student: TAKA!

Hello All,
My name is Takahiro from Japan. I am going to college in Missouri.
I decided to find a homestay in NY since I wanted to experience American culture for my winter break.
In our host family, we have funniest host mother, and kindest host father. Furthermore, there are also several students who are from all over the world.
Living with people who are from other countries is a good opportunity to learn a lot of things.
I am having a good time with my host family and roommates. We enjoy going out to the city, going to restaurants, watching movies, and chilling out in the living room.
There are various kinds of stores in the city, so you are not going to be bored.
On the Christmas, my host family called the guys who used to live here, and held a Christmas party. I ate great meal with them. We had a great Christmas.

You can experience a lots of things in NY. Please come to NY and enjoy your life in this city!!

そして、たまたまこのJust Homestayを見つけました!
家族にはとても明るいhost motherと優しいhost father、そしてその他にも色々な国から来た生徒もいてワイワイ毎日楽しいです!
自分の都合のいいときに街に行け、NY を存分楽しめます!

ぜひNYへ!!そしてJust Homestayへ!


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