5 Tips to make your stay with a “Just Homestay” Hostfamily a successful experience!


 5 Tips to make your stay with a “Just Homestay” Hostfamily a successful experience!

  1. Be willing to respect your new environment, be open to learn about your host lifestyle (ask them to participate in their hobbies (maybe you also like to go for a walk in the Central Park, go to the movies (excellent to practice your listening abilities), or just to cook a meal from your country to share your culture with the Host.
  2. Be understanding that NYC is a huge city with an enormous diversity and for instance is important to mention that your Hostfamily is flexible enough to receive you in their home.
  3. Always be “positive” everything comes from your point of view but remember that always has the other side of the road. Living in a new country can be exciting and challenging, trust your hostfamily’s advices about the community that you will be sharing your wonderful presence.
  4. Remember that staying with a hostfamily is about the one to one experience, plant a seed of positive experiences, show your Host your appreciation to their family and be the Ambassador of your country in the USA and at Just Homestay host.
  5. Smile and post your pictures of your great times with your Hostfamily (BBQ parties; Broadway shows, or even having a nice Breakfast with your Host) share in our pagewww.facebook.com/justhomestay

Thank you for reading! http://www.justhomestay.com


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