A few spots to check it out in NYC…

NYC “the city that never sleeps” is open to have one more visitor regardless of your length of stay (minimum 2 weeks for JustHomestay students). If your goal is to come to NY to learn English this is a very rewarding and friendly city.  You can make friends very easily and find lots of interesting things to do and learn.

One of my favorite things to do is to walk in Central Park.  I try to do this as much as I can. The last time I went to Central park I remember sipping coffee and seeing people walking their dogs, running, biking, taking pictures, playing on the lawn, and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.   I highly recommend visiting one of NYCs’ many parks and and famous sites.    It can be great learning experience and exercise (if you like to walk like me). Besides the great ambiance of Central  park, you have a zoo, rose  garden, a few lakes  and museums. – I went to the zoo last year with my darling friend visiting from Maryland (Laura) and was so excited to see the Polar bears!!!  Visiting Central Park and other parks in NYC can be a full day activity and great exercise.

Another great spot is Chelsea; there are great restaurants, coffee shops and an exciting nightlife. The last time I went to Chelsea, I took two ladies (Juliana and Daniela) from Brazil and we had a lovely dinner in a Thai restaurant, got flowers to bring back home, and Wine for Juliana’s dad in Brazil as a souvenir. It was fun!

Of course that along with a long walk along Fifth Ave and Times Square the days can be long…but excitement and energy you must keep it up at all times.

I’m Wilka Jones, and welcome to Just Homestay blog.

Wilka Jones
Wilka Jones



10 thoughts on “A few spots to check it out in NYC…

  1. I love New York, last August is the 18 time that I visit this city – the world capital. I stayed in Wilka´s Homestay and I loved it, we went to Broadway and saw The kinky boots, and recommend it. Wilka book us to the lottery ticket and we don´t win but it´s very fun with a lot of people from all the world. You don´t have been in New York if you not visit Central Park – that´s one the best place in the cities because you see the city around you, and people walking, reading, jogging, playing all the time, but if you look for you find a lot of interesting things there like statues……… I recommend look for the Alice group and a Bold statue! If you like a good eat that´s the city too, you find restaurants and a culinary of all the world here and enjoy it. Some neighborhoods like Little Italian is a nice place to meet your friends with a good food and drinks. Take a look from the Empire State and them visit the center about the history of this building, is very interesting and you will take a look from the heart of the city!!! A good trip for all in the beautiful New York with JustHomestay. Ricardo

  2. Wow, I visited Newyork 6 times but never thought there is much stuff to do. Like vegas you go couple of time it less excuting. After I read that I feel I wanna try all over again. I like the picture you picked or took I don’t know! I believe the people you travel with make big difference! Next time I will take you with me 🙂

  3. Hi, Wilka and Justice.
    I really miss you guys.
    Thank you for the nice hospitality.
    For visitors, this is the best place to stay.
    Cuz host family are really kind and friendly.
    They will also let you know where you have to hit and they also take you to tourist attractions if you want to.

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